What’s percolating in Kona this week?  We’re in the midst of celebrating the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival where everything coffee-related is available to sip, savor and even wear! The streets smell even more delicious than usual!

On November 2nd we visited historic Holualoa Village for the annual Coffee & Art Stroll.   Holualoa is an artists' community with galleries featuring paintings, sculptures and other crafts, sometimes using local materials, like Koa wood. Hundreds of residents and visitors turned out for the event. 

But the main reason for the stroll is to sample more than 30 different coffees from our local farmers, each of them so proud to show off their brews.  They would tell you the history of the bean, describe the best way to drink it and explain what makes their coffee distinct from their neighbor’s.  They would watch you so closely when you took a sip -- the community pride was great to experience!

 There were dozens of coffee-flavored creations, too: coffee ice cream, coffee-rubbed BBQ pork (yummy!), coffee candies, coffee pies and cakes, and even a coffee body wash, all made with 100% Kona coffee (sounds like Bubba describing all of his favorite shrimps (fried shrimp, coconut shrimp, etc.).   

Next year they should have a dance party at the end of the day because we were all buzzing from caffeine overload!

Check out the other Kona Coffee Cultural Festival happenings here. http://www.konacoffeefest.com/calendar.asp