During the course of my real estate career, I notice many savvy Hawaii Buyer/ Investors who purchase their second home and/or Investment properties, and then at closing, deed the property to a named LLC.  Our local Escrow companies can assist in completing this for you, and is something you may want to investigate with an Hawaii tax accountant or lawyer.  We, at Kohala Estate Realty, would be happy to provide resources and contact numbers for local professionals we recommend.  Please feel free to call Cindi Morgan, Principal Broker at 808 938-0810 or 808 885-6939 for more information.  

A properly structured LLC should give you all these money saving benefits....

  • Protect your personal assets
  • Save you substantial amounts of taxes
  • Defend you against IRS attacks
  • Prevent legal disputes
  • Save you legal fees and hassles
  • Enable you to operate your Real Estate business and investments
  • Deduct your training and travel expenses