Buying a home in Hawaii is more than just packing up and moving personal items 5,000+ miles across the Pacific. There’s a new and beautiful culture unlike any other into which you’ll assimilate.  There’s a saying in here, “You Don’t Change Hawaii, Hawaii Changes You.” That’s even more so on The Big Island.  There’s no other place in the world where lava has been flowing continuously for more than 31 years and you have the chance to walk on ground that no one has ever walked on before.  

The language of “Talk Story” is something I often explain to visitors who are baffled when complete strangers chat them up in restaurants, in stores, or even in line at Macy’s.  Talk Story means you take time to share and learn about someone.  Not what they do for a living but who they are, who their family is, where they come from and what’s important to them.  This even happens when you’re conducting business. I have a friend, a sales exec, who moved here from New York City where you don’t spend time discussing “trivial” matters when you’re in a business meeting.  After starting her job here she learned very fast that she needed to slow down, and take a breathe before diving into a meeting.  Instead of  “Hi, let’s get this started…” it became, “Aloha, those waves yesterday were killer, weren’t they?” and “Didn’t I see you volunteering at the Lavaman Triathlon?”  followed by a 20-minute discussion.  You don’t change Hawaii…

You’ll be surprised how easily people will talk to you, even about personal things. More importantly, you’ll see how easy it is for you too. The Big Island’s gorgeous weather, beautiful sunsets, “alive” island all help you let your guard down and melt away your inhibitions.  Now you’ll look up and smile when passing a stranger, (even when you’re driving” and you’ll wait patiently while the person in front of you at the check out line chats it up with the sales clerk.  After all, where are you really rushing to?

Hawaii changes you…and you’ll appreciate the change.