It’s so great when clients become friends because when they visit you get to enjoy the island from a different perspective.  I went to The Taste of the Hawaiian Range with Tom and Sandy Bowens from Bellingham, Washington.  Sandy writes fantastic cookbooks (and she has a great website,, and Tom is a geologist and spends time mining in Russia. So interesting!  I sold them a beautiful condo at Kolea in Waikoloa Resort a few years ago, and now they enjoy relaxing in their second home and the feeling of “Aloha” they get every time they visit.  We’ve become good friends.  

Sandy and Tom invited me to go The Taste of The Hawaiian Range, which was held at the Hilton Waikoloa Beach Hotel.  Hundreds of meat lovers turned out for this annual event that featured recipes made from lamb, mutton, grass-fed beef and more.  There were 34 Agricultural and Educational Booths and 38 restaurants showcasing their chef's top recipes. Some were outside on the Hilton grounds around the water and others were inside in a banquet room.  It was amazing!  

There were way too many dishes to try at the event, (and I tried!) but  I had to take a picture of these HUGE  squash that were grown in a farm in Waimea.  I had never seen anything like it.

I was also able to go to the Grass Fed Cooking 101 class, featuring the head chef at The Fairmont Orchid, where I found out a new technique for tenderizing meat. Here it is (you’ll have to imagine the aroma): Marinate the meet for several hours or even overnight in Papaya puree.  In other words, take green or ripe papayas blend them up, skins, seeds and all ....and then soak the meat in the puree..  Another great way to use our favorite Island fruit!