We had guests visit recently who came to the Big Island for a few days, and then spent 10 days on Oahu.  They called us after their third day there admitting that they wished they had reversed their trip.  They weren’t expecting crowded beaches, one-after-one hotels blocking ocean views and the very frentic pace of Honolulu and Waikiki.  It was more like a bustling city than a tropical island.  Don’t get me wrong, we love our sister islands, but honeymooners and vacationers expecting wide open patches of sandy beach should be aware that Oahu’s gorgeous beaches are packed and busy. If your travel itinerary includes Oahu's shopping and well-known sites (Pearl Harbor, North Shore), add several days on the Big Island to experience a slower pace, more open areas and scores of outdoor activities.

The Big Island is the youngest island in the Hawaiian chain, so it’s not over developed, and new construction is limited.  The island offers unobstructed views of the ocean and land for miles. Most of the buildings on the big island are no more than 2 stories high and the hotels sit away from the shoreline and provide easy public access.

The Big Island is not just the largest island in the island chain (all of the other islands can easily fit into the Big Island), but because of the continuous lava flow from Kilauea Volcano on the east side, the island is still growing.   There has been new land being made every day since January 3, 1983!

We have the southern most point in the U.S., annual whale visits from December to March, scores of coffee farms, gorgeous estates, quaint towns, snow on Mauna Kea in the winter and snorkeling and sensational sunsets every single day.  Additionally, our resorts and beaches are consistently named best in national and International lists:

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Some visitors say there’s not a lot to do on the Big Island—no nightclubs, shopping, theater or museums—but isn’t that the point of being on a tropical island? It's called a "getaway" for a reason, right? ; )